Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ready to race!

I am delighted to say that I feel in top form for the upcoming Xterra World Championship. After winning a couple of high-end USAT sanctioned races (1st elite overall @ Honolulu International Tri, Qualification race for Xterra Worlds, 2nd overall elite NaWahine Triathlon), I feel very confident and eager to see what I can bring on race day. Training has be good and consistent, mental training has been topnotch! Excited also about seeing old friends from the racing scene! And Mahea has been practicing swimming as well :) and will join me when traveling to Maui. I am so grateful and blessed to be able to be mom and elite athlete - love it!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wivenhoe & Kingscliff races


I owe a few race reports, so lets start with Wivenhoe a few weeks ago. I signed up to test out some new performance goals and to see where I am at with my swim, bike and run. I have not trained the density I usually do leading into a race. Instead I had a few easier weeks while spending time in Hawaii. Although I intended to train there, it was clear that I needed a break to recharge and recover. I did not know my own status nor the competition at Wivenhoe. The race was inland of Brisbane in dam/lake. As I warmed up there were group of kangaroos hopping around like the pidgins in Hawaii. They did not care about me at all and kept feeding. I have not seen them wild so far, they are truly cute! The lake was 9 degrees and I was shivering through my wetty. The gun went off and I started to cramp up. The gap to the pack grew and after 1 round I was about to bail out. I didn't go anywhere.. The only thought that kept me going was McMahons advice "you don't know what happens until you cross the finish line." So I kept going battling against my self. I was so far behind that I got embarrassed and had to forcefully stop that thought. After all I was doing all I could. Then I saw a girl had dropped out and I did not want to be a drop out. So the decision was finally made that I would indeed keep going and so I went off to round number two. I started to close the gap, FINALLY warming up and getting into rhythm. A few girls decided to put arm warmers on in transition. I skipped that part and went off. I passed the first 2 girls early out on the road. It was a hilly course (good!!) and the street was wet, which usually gives me an advantage because I don't fear wet road conditions. I know my bike well and I know how to handle slippery from xterra. I was leading after 1 loop and closed the gap to the Open Males by loop 3, and they pushed me along for the last 4th loop. By the time I came into transition I had several minutes of lead. Since my run had been so painful in the past and my run training lacked any form of intensity I just wanted to get into a smooth stride and stick with it until I finish. Off the bike I still did not feel my feet. This was a bit dangerous as we ran out on rough terrain. There was another HUGE kangaroo crossing and jumping along me for a few meters. Could not be more Oz'like. The run had a few steep hills and my legs were doing their job more than well. I felt light and fast and kept my lead finishing with the fastest bike and run in the females.
From all races I have raced, this was about the toughest mentally. On that swim, there was a mental war going on and I will never forget my struggle to keep going, and the satisfaction that followed once I overcame it. Winning World Champs or World Cups is great, but winning over yourself in a local race is up there in the "you are a champ" category. Any athlete with whatever background should be reminded about this!

And now I am back to pain. Hip pain and hamstring pain. I signed up for Kingscliff anyways, because I licked blood at Wivenhoe.

Though my run could be on or off when racing even without much training, my swim has been an area that I have focused on training wise. My goal for Kingscliff was to make the front pack and stick with it no matter what. They announced no wetty for the open categories. I held on to the pack, but two girls in the front were able to escape with the middle of the pack lacking to hold on. After first 500 the midpack slowed down and another girl started an escape. So here I went, sprinting to the front trying to catch up with the girl and it took about 200 of sprint efforts to finally get into the draft. I realized that she kept her pace up and so I worked to just hang in there. Another 2 girls were drafting me and finally getting in the front for the last 100, which I was not too worried about, but instead happy that they do some work. So I was pleased with how I raced the swim. I made up time on the bike, having the fastest bike of the female. I was in 2nd after lap 2 and closed the gap to the leader by lap 4. Yep until then all was good. Upon starting the run I knew it is going to be a long painful mission. The downhill did not help in loosening up my hip which it usually does and after the first round I needed to seriously reduce my stride and intensity. I leave it here.. nevertheless a good time out there.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I feel like a walking textbook - feels damn good

I just got out of Sports Medicine Exam. It was "intense" to say the least- and now I am exhausted. It was a really good performance. Though all the writing during the last 2 weeks caused some symptoms of Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis Tendinitis. And guess, now I know how to treat it... Thanks to Sports Med..
For now I need a coffee and breakfast and then go for a hammering swim and run. One more exam to go on Saturday and that's it for now. Sort of sad to leave Advanced Exercise Physiology behind. The knowledge I gained throughout this semester is worth a million. I will miss it. What happens in the body is a mere wonder and is beyond imagination and thus my advise is to trust it, treasure it and respect it. I have gained a real interest in how the brain coordinates all processes and might look into doing research in this field. The body's integrity and internal communication is sort of comparable to how the universe is interacting and unless one does not know about it, it is hard to explain how fantastic it is. One might stand at night in a light polluted city, looking up into the sky and only seeing some random points in the sky, "So what is special about that" that person most likely will think. But once you know which stars and planets and galaxies these are and how unbelievable they interact and once you have seen a true sky without light pollution and once you are getting to know more how insane the universe is, you will find yourself looking up into the sky shaking your head and wondering "How can that be - This is sort of freaky.." I found myself head shaking during many lectures, being stunned what newest research findings have shown. I am so blessed to attend this university, world leader in this field.
I will post some of the material I've learned in Exercise Physiology and Sports Med soon.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


It is 2 weeks until the final theory exams. My i-pod experienced a clean up and most music has been replaced with lecture recordings from Exercise Physiology and Sports-medicine, which I am listening to during the easier training sessions. Listening to lectures while running is the nicest. I have to say I love Exercise Physiology. Blows my mind.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gold Coast Sprint - Luke H. Memorial

I am pleased to see that I again had the fastest bike split despite having a crash at the last U-turn just 200m prior to the dismount that brought me upon the lead. The skin rash and hip hurt for the run and I was not able to close the gap to A. Gentle and ended up with 2nd. It was a good race and I experimented with a different supplementation strategy during the bike split and it turned out to be beneficial for the cramping issues I have experienced during the run in previous races. Overall I am happy with my result and am pleased to see that I can be very competitive to the younger Olympic hopefuls who are supported by Australian Institute of Sports and the like. I wanted to thank Rocket Science Sports for their support and excellent triathlon suit. It literally saved my butt (or more specifically an exposed butt cheek) for the rest of the race- it was not even torn after I went down on the bike. However I need new skin on my lower leg and a new rear race tire.
Thank you also to Dr.Mike McMahon for his support, Rudy Project, Gary Land, Somerville Pool (100% sponsor)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sydney World Champs - USM events report

10 April 2011
Sydney’s David Clark and Germany’s Marion Summerer both celebrated victory at the inaugural Dextro Energy Triathlon Sydney age group race in perfect conditions earlier today.

The event marked the first ever Olympic distance triathlon where competitors had the unique opportunity to swim 1500m in Farm Cove, alongside the Sydney Opera House , cycle 40km on an inner city course that took them over the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge three times and run 10km through the city and alongside the picturesque Royal Botanic Gardens.

In the women’s field, Germany’s Marion Summerer dominated in the cycle leg after coming out of the water behind Sydney’s Lisa Marangon and held on in the run to cross the line in first position.

“I feel like I had a good race, I haven’t raced in a while so I was pretty relaxed and calm, I had no expectations which is usually the best. I was just concentrating on finishing,” said Summerer.

“It was just amazing, I am just stoked right now and thank you very much for the organisation of the event, it was a special race,” she finished.

The Dextro Energy Triathlon Sydney event is the third and final race in Triathlon Australia 2011 National Triathlon Championship Series, which will take some to this year’s World Championships in Budapest later in the year.

In addition to the open category, 2200 age-group competitors took to the impressive harbour-side course ahead of the elite showcase later this afternoon.


Open Female

Marion Summerer Germany - 02:08:31
Lisa Marangon Vaucluse, NSW - 02:09:35
Matlida Raynolds Surry Hills, NSW - 02:09:56
Kym Jaenke Sinnamon Park, QLD - 02:11:02
Natalie Dellow Mooloolaba, QLD - 02:13:09